How to Avoid Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

garciniamodel2The side effects associated with garcinia cambogia are usually avoided with quality products and correct dosage. Being cheap has a price. Most people experiencing side effects like gas or bloating likely took more than the maximum dosage one should take in a day, 3000mg. Some labels will describe this as “digestive track discomfort.” Simply following directions will avoid most problems related to garcinia.

It is important to stress side effects with garcinia are uncommon as long as you have the right product. More details are below on how to find products that will avoid side effects.


There are two reasons why headache seems to show up in reviews. First, some people take a garcinia complex hoping for better results. Often the complex will contain caffeine and other additives. The amount of caffeine in the complex is sometimes higher than that found in coffee, and if you’re taking it late at night it can mess up your sleep cycle, make you feel jittery, etc.

Afterwards, people go online and leave a review saying garcinia made them feel awful. The problem is that the complex made them feel awful, not necessarily garcinia itself. It is one of the most confusing situations for a buyer to be in.


With nausea we often find that people took not only an excess dosage but for too long a period of time. Taking the max dosage of 3000mg a day over three months is not ideal. We do not recommend taking garcinia more than 3 months.


It is stunning how many brands of garcinia do not feature warnings on who should not take garcinia. Here is the bottom line on whether or not garcinia is a smart choice: If someone is diabetic, pregnant, nursing, living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or taking a statin, they should not take garcinia.


So far no one has reported allergic reactions with a true garcinia cambogia product. Complexes or cheap blends may contain food colorings or other additives that could create some reactions. It’s important to remember to blame the specific additives and not garcinia as a whole.

How to Safely Avoid Side Effects

It’s simple. Get a quality brand with plain garcinia and 60% HCA (no filler, no artificial ingredients like coloring). We like to use GMO-free as well. Do not exceed 3000mg per day. Do not take it for more than three months.

Recommended Brand

We did our research, try Vita-Web garcinia cambogia. It is a quality product. No caffeine. No weird additives that Cheech and Chong might use.

Find out why Vita-Web raises the bar for what all garcinia cambogia products should be. It’s not that expensive either.